Sheep 124 of 300 17x13

17 x 13

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Please submit any work that you have found .


  • Introduction

Over the last twenty years, interest in John Verling's work has grown consistently.

The Verling family plan to make an inventory of all traceable works by John Verling and for this we would be very grateful for your assistance.

It is important to collate his work now, while collectors and admirers of John's work are known to us.

What we would like you to do is make a list of any drawings, prints, paintings, ceramics or other works you may have of his and send this to us.

For works on paper and for paintings we would ideally need the title of the work (if known), the date, dimensions in centimetres, and if possible a digital photograph.

A look on the back of any framed work may give some of this information. For the ceramics, dimensions, a description (platter, small dish, etc.) and again, a photograph if possible would be appreciated.

A database will be set up to create a permanent record of John Verling's works and this will be available for viewing through this web site. All responses will be dealt with in strictest confidence and specific ownership will not be identified.

Please submit any work that you have found using the button below: